MailExer remote commands

Current list of email commands supported by MailExer

Commands should be written in the body of the email.
Separate several commands with line feed or a semicolon.

mc snapshot [cameraNo]

Takes a picture from attached camera.

mc execute <filename> [arguments]

Executes a file as Local system account.

mc shutdown

Shutdowns the computer.

mc restart

Restarts the computer.

mc logoff

Logoff active user.

mc screenshot

Takes a screenshot of the active logged-on users desktop.

mc lock

Locks the computer.

mc sleep <sec>

Waits for sec seconds.

mc showmessage <text message>

Shows a text message to current active user.

mc impersonate on

Turns impersonation on.
All the succeeding commands are then executed in the impersonated users context.

mc impersonate off

Turns impersonation off.

mc save <filepath> [unzip]

Saves attachments to disk, option to unzip attachment.

mc launch <filename> [arguments]

Executes a file in the active users desktop context.

mc cmd <CMD-command> [arguments]

Executes a CMD-command.

mc pipe <address> <message>

Sends a message to a pipe server.

mc info

Gets various computer info.

mc help

Gets this list.

mc processlist

Gets a list of running processes.

mc getfile <filename>

Returns file(s) compressed in a zip format as an email attachment.
Use wildcards to get several files at once.

mc kill <processId>

Kills a running process.

mc wanip

Gets the wan ip of the computer.

mc unlock <drive> <password-alias>

Unlocks a bitlocker locked drive.
List of valid password aliases is maintained by the MailExer program.

mc playfile <filename>

Plays and audio file (Supported formats are mp3 and wav sound files).

mc playattachment 

Plays an audio file that is attached to the email. (Supported formats are mp3 and wav sound files).